Portrait Parties
What is a portrait party?

A portrait party is a unique opportunity for you to have a free  professional photo session with a well
known Geist photographer!  The concept is similar to a candle or cooking party.  The host invites 5-10
families to her home or appropriate location.  Each family will enjoy a 20 minute "mini" photo session.  
Your session time should allow for group and individual posing.   In return for your host's generosity, he
or she will receive credit toward her own portraits.  It is a fun opportunity to get together with friends and
have beautiful custom portraits made.

How do portrait parties work?

Your host will let you know exactly (with-in reason) when your private session will begin, so you are free
to stay the whole time and socialize or to come and go according to your scheduled time.  If room
permits, my portable studio will be in a separate room away form the other guests so you will have
complete privacy and your children will be less distracted by the other party goers.

One to five days after the party, you will receive an e-mail invitation from me to view your portraits
on-line.  You will have 7 days thereafter to place your order with an order form you will receive at the
party.  Your host will collect your order and payment in full.   She will then deliver your finished portraits
to you approximately 3 weeks from your session date.  Your host will only get credit on orders placed
within 7 days, so please be respectful to your host and get your orders in timely.

What are the benefits of hosting a party?

I offer an amazing incentive program for the host!  With a minimum of 5 guests (not of the same
immediate family) you get the same free sitting that your guests will enjoy, plus you will automatically
receive $100 of free print credits.  You will also earn additonal print credit in the amount of 15% of total
sales from your party.  The primary benefit of hosting a party (aside from having a lot of fun with
friends!) is to hopefully build enough portrait credit to cover 100% of the cost of your family's portraits.

What are my responsibilities as a host?

The party host is the key ingredient to a successful party.  As the host, you invite guests, provide light
appetizers and drinks (including wine or other adult drinks if you prefer) and organize the 20 minute
interval session schedule.  Some guests might request a specific time slot due to nap times, etc.  You
will be responsible for collecting all orders and arranging a time for me to pick them up from you.  We
will then determine how many dollars in credits you have earned and you can place your own order.  
You will deliver the final product to your guests. The most successful hosts follow up with reminders
prior to the party.

Tips for a great session:

Your host will inform you of the color back ground she selects.  It is not imperative, but try to avoid
wearing the same color as the background.  Generally it will be either black or white or a variegated
brown.  I highly recommend staying with solid color clothing, especially important if there is more than
one person in the photo.

In my experience, too much "build up" for a young child is not a good thing.  By all means tell them they
are going to a party and will have their picture taken, but then don't make a big deal after that.  When a
child is excited about something they want it to happen "now" and can get discouraged when they have
to continue to wait.  I want to capture as much of that excitement as possible on camera.   The same
logic applies if you are going to be changing their clothes or primping hair at the party.  Wait as long as
possible before your scheduled time (10 minutes is good)  and be careful not to reprimand too much if   
they spill on their new shirt.  This should be a fun and relaxed time for all - especially for the children, or
it will show in the pictures.  A stain on a shirt can be removed in post processing!

Brenda Staples Photography